FuelRodz started from a simple question:

"Why am I standing on the side of the road pouring powder out of plastic bags?"

My name is Justin, and I became obsessed with fixing this problem. In a sport with hyper-optimized everything, why are athletes stuck dealing with bags of messy powder, sticky gels, and slow-to-digest bars?

The reality of sports nutrition should be simple: combine fast-absorbing carbohydrates with the right amount of electrolytes, make it crazy easy to use on the go, and let people get on with their adventure. Existing companies have succeeded with the first half and totally failed at the second.

FuelRodz takes the benefits of fast-disolving nutrition powder and turns it into a form that actually makes sense for athletes who move.

FuelRodz is patent-pending and is simply the fastest, easiest way to get the nutriton you need during your events.

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Chief Rod Officer