FuelRodz vs. nutrition powders

  • FuelRodz aren't just premixed sugar!
  • FuelRodz don't require countless baggies to transport
  • FuelRodz doesn't require you to pre-plan your nutrition needs
  • FuelRodz are easy to adjust calorie intake on the go, even without stopping
  • FuelRodz require no plastic scoops
  • FuelRodz caffeinated and regular are color coded, and they can be stashed together for easy use
  • FuelRodz don't require you to super-concentrate bottles or pre-mix your nutrition powder.

FuelRodz vs. gels

  • FuelRodz aren't just sugar syrup!
  • FuelRodz aren't sticky and don't require you to store messy packets after using
  • FuelRodz give you total control over your intake. No more 90 calorie increments.
  • FuelRodz don't require you to do anything other than drink your water bottle
  • FuelRodz aren't sickly sweet and don't have lasting flavor

FuelRodz vs. Nuun Sport Tablets

  • FuelRodz provide the carbs that athletes need for endurance energy!
  • FuelRodz gives you 20 grams of carbohydrate per Rod (vs. Nuun's 4gr/tablet)
  • FuelRodz is not just for hydration
  • FuelRodz doesn't require you to mix it with another product for energy

FuelRodz vs. "sport bars"

  • FuelRodz aren't just granola bars!
  • FuelRodz are extremely fast absorbing, even when exerting at a high level
  • FuelRodz are extremely compact for an equivalent amount of carbs
  • FuelRodz are easy to take without chewing or holding anything
  • FuelRodz doesn't need additional water
  • FuelRodz won't fill up your stomach
  • FuelRodz keep your pockets (and the roads) free of wrappers.